We are the Royal Storytellers, and we are so happy to welcome you!
Meet: Sophia, Amelia, Isabella.

Once Upon A Time….

There lived a mother with two daughters who loved princess stories. Those girls loved princess stories so much that, every night, when the mother sat on their bed to read to them, they chose the same stories over and over again. And again. And again. And. Again.

Now, Amelia, the mother, was an intelligent woman with a kind heart. Indulging her daughters wishes for princess stories was fun, and, at first, seemed harmless. However, night after night, Happy Ending after Happy Ending, Amelia became concerned.

After all, the stories were imprinting powerful imagery and messages on her daughter’s brains. She sensed they were missing something. Besides that, if she read the same princess story one more time, she thought she might just go half crazy and jump out of the window.


she thought,

If only the stories…were…better.

And, now, they ARE.