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This Summer Camp Starts in Autumn

It may be like this everywhere.  The competition to get the kids into the right summer camp.

Several years ago, Jessica, who works for me at Universal Health Institute, told me that she was signing up for camp at 3 a.m. – yes, in line at 3 a.m. – waiting in line to sign up her boys for T-Ball camp – at 3 a.m.!  Did I say 3 a.m.?  When I asked her why, she shrugged her shoulders and said, “We didn’t get in last year.”

I can only speak for myself when I say I need my Beauty Rest.  In my book, getting up at 3 a.m. to get in any line is a bad beauty habit.  It is also a bad mood habit.  It is also bad for my sanity.  Bad for my
friendships…any relationships, really.  If I get up at 3 a.m. I look like I just got back from a round trip to hell; I act like I just got back from a round trip to hell; my brain is fried; and everyone I know wants me to go to hell.

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In the Beginning was the Word. And the Word was No.

You know how you find yourself having a realization (at your age?) and wondering how you had never conceived of such a thing in your life…and you are kind of shocked (and maybe embarrassed) that you never did?  Well, that is what happened when I decided to go ahead and purchase the bright pink sleeveless dress with the too tight armholes.  It took my entire adult life to have the courage to buy a dress that had most of the elements of design that I liked – but not quite – and change it.  It may sound silly, but, before that, it had never occurred to me to buy something that had been designed by someone else, say thank you very much but I am going to improve upon this – and do it.  I have perfectly beautiful arms, even if they are the size of canons.  I used to pass on dresses, wondering:  Why do I fall in love with great dresses that squeeze into my armpits and push a little burp of fat out from beneath?   Until I took my power back.

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