Princesses are People, too...


Princesses With A Twist is all about what happens to our storybook characters after the classic story ends. The stories our children have come to know continue, and so does the entertainment. The Princesses are exciting people making exciting – and sometimes difficult – choices in their lives. They reveal their secrets and dreams, and help each other in ways that inspire us to be proud our daughters love them.

There is more to Cinderella than just a pretty face. Not only can she see the kingdom from her window high up in the castle, she can see her kingdom’s points-of-view. She wants everyone to have the opportunity to have glass slippers. She even wants the kingdom to have its own special glass things, too. She’s an entrepreneur. In fact, she’s a serial entrepreneur, and a good citizen.

There is more to all of these lovely characters than just a pretty face and a handsome prince…

There is more to Sleeping Beauty than her dazzling irresistible beauty. She’s compassionate and caring, and her social prowess is unmatched. Anyone who wants to know how to throw a party knows Sleeping Beauty is the one to turn to. As for a career, Sleeping Beauty doesn’t want one. She wants to do all of the things she missed while she was busy sleeping all of those years!! She spends her days socializing, exploring fashion and beauty and entertaining her many friends. Helping her friend The Little Mermaid navigate her new world of being-human is especially fun for the welcoming Sleeping Beauty.

There is more to The Little Mermaid than her grace, amazing voice and ambitious nature. The Little Mermaid is a spunky, curious human being now, who learns some important lessons about being a human being by feeling the pain of having eaten too much party food at her “Welcome” Celebrations. She’s also a great swimmer and patient teacher. And, unlike her pal princesses, she does not want to cover her legs with a long gown. Oh, no! She just got her legs! She intends to use them and show them off.


There is more to Snow White than her pure beauty, beginner’s mind and good nature. Snow White is a health food nut who (despite all odds) loves apples. Overcoming her fear was an event that sparked her curiosity and passion for her favorite fruit. Her bakery company, The Happy Apple, is wildly successful with its line of apple products. It is so successful that she is able expand her business to purchase land to grow orchards filled with all kinds of apple trees, including her own variety of apples (the Snow White Happy Apple).

There is more to Little Red Riding Hood than her adorable sweetness, persistence and fearlessness. Little Red Riding Hood (aka “Red”) is a veterinarian who still lives in the place she loves the most – the forest. Of course, she gets the inside scoop on what helps animals live their best lives. After all, she’s been living side-by-side with them her whole life; she is a kind of animal-whisperer. (Yes, she even loves wolves.) She is independent and self-sufficient, and as practical and intelligent as anyone on the planet.


There is more to Rapunzel than her magical hair and patience. Rapunzel has a great sense of humor, and is enthusiastic, playful and entertaining. She is a self-taught hair expert, and loves to design updo’s. She’s very busy before any of our Princess Events! And, who knew updo’s would be the beginning of her professional knot-tying expertise and career? Funny how one expertise leads to another, isn’t it?

There is more to Beauty than her allure and kindness. Beauty is a mad scientist who loves mixing formulas and making compounds. She was born to be a chemist…and something of an alchemist. Naturally, she loves to help her friends with their beauty regimes. Whether she is helping Cinderella with an unbreakable glass formula, or Sleeping Beauty with a new crème, or Red with a new homeopathic for horses…she is a scientist bound to make the world a better place. Though she is introverted, she’s part of the group, and always willing to help her friends with their chemistry needs.


There is more to Goldilocks than her cuteness and curiosity. Goldilocks is a talk show host, and a bit of a hippie. She just loves the world, and finds balance and grace is all things. She is great at looking at the other side of things, and easily gives others the benefit of the doubt. That’s what you do when you are concerned with getting things just right, isn’t it? (“Just right is different than perfect,” she reminds us.) She is the most popular talk show host in the world. And, oh, yes, of course she is a yogini, too. She loves working on getting her poses just right - for her.

Princesses With A Twist is not restricted to one-dimensional storybook Princess characters. In our home, the princess stories were only beginnings…material for further discussion and creation.

As our stories grew and morphed, they took on a life of their own. My daughters, Isabella and Sophia, the cocreators of PWAT, naturally included other storybook characters in our princess stories, and helped build their characters – and relationships - over time.


In our home, princesses are magical...and they are people, too.