Preview from the book: Cinderella & The Glass Slipper Factory

Cinderella moved to the Castle, loved the new Kingdom, and all of her privileges; however, she was bored. After all, her whole life she’d been working, day after day, tirelessly cleaning, fixing, mending, and serving her Wicked Stepmother and Nasty Stepsisters. Ever since she had married The Prince, she had not lifted a finger to do any work of any kind: she did not clean, fix, mend or serve. Now, everyone was waiting on her. It was not that she did not like it, it was just boring.  She did not even sing as much anymore. Something was wrong.

Then one day, Cinderella had an idea. She was standing on one of the castle’s outdoor terraces when she realized she wanted more, but how would she tell her Prince?  She knew he had given her everything he could imagine she would want to be happy. Would he be upset when she told him her dream? Well, thought Cinderella, I will have to find out.

Just then, her handsome Prince joined her. He noticed her heavy heart. “What’s wrong My Princess,” he asked.

She turned to him, “I’m so happy to be here in the castle with you. I love you My Prince, but I just can not take all of this sitting around, going to parties, and meeting with other Royals. It is fun, but honestly, it is not my dream. I want to do something else.” 

The Prince replied, “Cinderella, you know I would do anything to help you. What else would you love to do?”

Cinderella took a breath and said, “Remember when you were looking for me, and you had your footman carry my glass slipper all over the kingdom?  Well,” she said as she gestured towards their large kingdom, “every woman out there – young and old – tried it on. Even though it only fit me, they all got to see it and fall in love with it. I’m the only one in our whole kingdom who has glass slippers.”

“I don’t understand,” said The Prince.

Cinderella mustered her courage and told him her idea, “My Prince, I want to create a Glass Slipper Factory where I can make glass slippers for all of the girls in the kingdom. I want to make high-heeled glass slippers, flat glass slippers, sparkly glass slippers, and colorful glass slippers. I want to make glass slippers filled with jewels and flowers, and other beautiful things. I want to be in the Glass Slipper business.”






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